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Thank you ABC jazz radio for featuring my latest album ‘Adriana’ featuring: Drew Gress (bass), Michael Rodriguez (trumpet / flugelhorn), Alan Ferber (trombone), Dave Pietro (alto/soprano), Josh Roberts (drums) and Nic Vardanega (guitar) on their Home Cooked program!

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Mon 25 Feb 2019

The Australian/Indonesian pianist Francesca Prihasti is now based over in New York City – and she’s been busy stateside recording a new album. Titled ‘Adriana,’ the CD features fellow Aussie Nic Vardanega and a host of US stalwarts. Hear it and more…
Francesca Prihasti has compiled a group featuring New York heavyweights Drew Gress (bass), Alan Ferber (trombone), Dave Pietro (sax) Michael Rodriguez (trumpet) and Josh Roberts (drums) – plus her partner Nic Vardanega on guitar. The band tackle a selection of new tunes from the pianist. The music – albeit energetic – is also reflective, with the title of the album Adriana being a tribute to Prihasti’s mother, who sadly passed away in 2017.
Hear three tracks from ‘Adriana’ on this week’s Home Cooked playlist.

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