Francesca Prihasti, Adriana, 2019


Francesca Prihasti (piano & compositions)

Nic Vardanega (guitar)

Drew Gress (bass)

Josh Roberts (drums)

Alan Ferber (trombone)

Dave Pietro (alto & soprano)

Mike Rodriguez (trumpet & flugelhorn)


  1. Johnny
  2. Time Traveller
  3. Stargazer
  4. Verano
  5. Adriana
  6. The Wind Chimes
  7. The Emperor

All compositions by Francesca Prihasti.

Recorded by Tyler McDiarmid at James. L Dolan, New York City, May 14th 2018.

Mixed & Mastered by Tyler McDiarmid

Francesca Prihasti has compiled a group featuring New York heavyweights Drew Gress (bass), Alan Ferber (trombone), Dave Pietro (sax), Michael Rodriguez (trumpet) and Josh Roberts (drums) – plus her partner Nic Vardanega on guitar. The band tackle a selection of new tunes from the pianist. The music – albeit energetic – is also reflective. – ABC Jazz Radio

“Glidingly, Prihasti’s playing and improvisations exuded an air of transparency and at first glance fragility within this calm narrative. Yet, it remains strong and assertive as a result of her visual imagination expressed through the sound canvas”  – Dion Janapria

March 21, 2016

Francesca Prihasti, Evolving, 2016


Francesca Prihasti (piano)

Nic Vardanega (guitar)

Rodney Green (bass)

Orlando Le Fleming (drums)


  1. Summer Sky
  2. While The World is Sleeping 
  3. The Circle 
  4. Safe Distance.
  5. Evolving
  6. Unfolding
  7. High Above the City

All compositions by Francesca Prihasti.

Recorded at Systems Two Recording Studio, Brooklyn New York (Sept. 23, 2015).

Engineer, Maxim Ross. Mixed by Ross A’Hern, Chapel of Sound, Sydney.  

Mastered by Nate Wood, Kerserboom Mastering, New York.

“Prihasti’s sprightly solo glides with imaginative melodic ideas” John Mcbeath (The Australian)

“You don’t have to be a Jazz ‘only’ fan to enjoy this album, with classical tones and relaxing sounds it’s a pleasure to hear Prihasti’s second album. This talented lady is only beginning her journey into the music industry and with such a promising body of work like this, she’s an artist to look out for”.

‘Album of the moment’ by Josh Crosbie (Eastside Radio)

“Prihasti’s delicately considered improvisations feel as though they are gliding down the piano in a dancing line – like water droplets dancing down a window – to a beautiful chord which hits with the rest of the band.” Samuel Cottell (Cut Common Mag, Australian Jazz

Francesca Prihasti, Night Trip, 2015

Released February 15, 2015

Ulysses Owens. Jr (drums), Marco Panascia (double bass), Nic Vardanega (guitar), Francesca Prihasti (piano)

All compositions by Francesca Prihasti

Produced by Francesca Prihasti

Recorded at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, New York

Recorded on September 28 2014

Engineer Michael Brorby

Mixed By Ross A’hern at The Chapel of Sound, Sydney, Australia

Mastered by Nate Wood at Kerseboom Mastering, New York

“Francesca Prihasti has recorded some beautiful music on ‘Night Trip’. She has chosen some wonderful musicians to allow her compositions to shine and her clear and focused improvisations make this an impressive debut.”Matt McMahon, Jazz Pianist

“This is a pleasant debut album, accomplished and tuneful, performed by a close-knit, inventive group” John McBeath, The Australian