Weekend Australian Review

Here’s a nice review written by John Mcbeath for the latest edition of weekend Australian.

source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/music/reviews-daniel-johns-roison-murphy-ben-salter-the-black-sorrows-francesca-prihasti/story-fn9sulvf-1227363860786


Night Trip

Francesca Prihasti


3.5 stars

The background to this debut album from pianist Francesca Prihasti involves three countries: born in Indonesia, Prihasti studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and recorded her album in New York. The album’s five tracks feature US musicians Ulysses Owens Jr on drums and Marco Panascia on double bass. Sydney guitarist Nick Vardanega makes up the quartet for this collection of mainstream music with hardbop elements. The opener Nockturne (a salute to pianist and tutor Mike Nock) establishes the style: slow to medium tempos, flowing piano trio work, with solos and guitar/piano unison passages. Prihasti’s playing swings melodically and Vardanega adds sympathetic ideas in his solos. Starting with a bluesy theme from Prihasti on Fender Rhodes in unison with guitar, The Bridge is well supplied with a rhythmic drive from bass and smart drum diacritics. Panascia’s bass provides strong grounding throughout and delivers a skilfully inspired solo assisted greatly by Owens’s percussive action. The title track maintains the mode with Prihasti’s running piano, aided by soft guitar chords and hustling drums. Here and Now begins with a bass ostinato on the piano introducing a rapidly moving solo on double bass, followed in turn by the extempore guitar, elegant high treble piano and finally muscular drums. This is a pleasant debut album, accomplished and tuneful, performed by a close-knit, inventive group.

John McBeath